Deconstruct Bathroom Closet to Create Space

4 Mar

We recently added a lot of storage in a bathroom. Actually, we redesigned a bathroom closet so that it was open to the bathroom. Opening a full-sized door in a small bathroom really made the room feel cramped. So, off it came.

The was a fully enclosed closet with a nice door. Unfortunately, it felt small, dark and made the room awkward when both the bathroom door and the closet door were open. Tearing out the closet front was more work that we originally planned. Obviously, the door just came right off and the door jambs also came out easily. It was the header above the door and all the places that connected to the existing walls and ceiling that took time and created a large mess.

Once everything was deconstructed it was time to repair any drywall damage and then paint the new opening. The room feels a lot more open since the entire closet from the floor to the ceiling is gone. We installed wire shelving purchased from home depot. Now, we have easy access to towels and other bathroom supplies and the room looks and feels more open.

We bought a 12 oz plastic alpha container from our friends at Container and Packaging to store cotton balls in a nice way as well as picked up a few plastic tubs. These tubs now hold strange and sundry items on the top shelf – which didn’t exist before you we actually increased our storage space by removing the closet.

Storing Christmas Supplies

24 Dec

Just a quick note for anyone looking to organize their Christmas ornaments, dishes, wall hangings or anything else that you only use once a year.  Lowes has a holiday storage box for sale – buy one and get one free! It makes organizing a snap and with the holiday colors you can find your Christmas supplies at a glance.


Storing Rice

15 Oct

Several years ago we bought an electric can sealer. It can handle many different sizes, but we bought it to store food in #10 cans. We went with an electric model because we were starting out with nearly 1000 pounds of rice and had other items such as oats, red beads, wheat, flour and sugar. With so much to seal and store we figured we would be much happier with the electric can sealer. It was a good decision. can-sealer

Ours looks very similar to the one in the picture. I will take my own pic soon. We just opened some of the rice to see how it’s  doing after 3 years. It was perfect.

Food storage is also a great way to save money. Sometimes grocery stores have those sales where the food is super cheap, but you can only keep so much at home before it goes bad. If you are able to store your food you can buy enough of a specific food to last you many years – and store it safely.  Even a simple mason jar will allow you to hold rice or sugar for much longer than the bag it comes with. We buy many of our containers from a local company – Container & Packaging.

Types of containers you should have around the house

30 Sep
There are so many storage containers available nowadays. I am not even talking about food containers only, but if you are after food storage, it is important that you decide which container is suitable for your requirements before buying it. Some of the factors include the type of food you want to store in it, the environment it will be stored in and the amount of time you want to store the food for. In this article, I am going to discuss these points in detail so that you don’t get stuck with the incorrect container type.

Most supermarkets will have a decent stock of glass food storage containers. You can use these containers to store various canned foods although they are only recommended for use at home. These containers are quite heavy as well which means that they shouldn’t be used to store food that you regularly use like salt or sugar. The main reason for this is because the risk of dropping these containers increases when they are being used on a daily basis. Why would you want to take the chance when there are so many safer options out there?

There are special containers known as #10 cans which can be used for storing large quantities of food like beans, rice, wheat, etc. You could also put an oxygen absorber into these tins for the best results.

Then there are vacuum boxes and bags where you can store food which goes stale when exposed to air. These bags are quite convenient and are quite popular among housewives since they are great for storing pastas, oats, meats & other fresh foods. They’re light weight as well and can be easily stored or carried around as and when required.

Plastic storage containers may come with or without zip locking functionality. They are popular for storing food mainly because they are cheap. A lot of people use these bags for storing foods in the freezer as well since they prevent different foods from sticking to each other. You can also get plastic bags to store your vegetables. Food stuff stored in such bags remains fresh because they are allowed sufficient air to breathe. Large mason jars are also good for storing home made salad dressing or just using as informal drinking glasses.

You will be using a dishwasher to wash most of your kitchen utensils. But you need to understand that most storage containers can’t withstand such high temperatures, and with plastic ones it’s even harmful (probably!). These washers have a range of temperature used for washing and it is important that you ensure your containers can withstand these temperatures before buying them or putting them in.

You may need to put in a lot of research before you find the right container to suit your requirements. But with the internet, it has become much easier to search for exactly what you want. There are many websites which sell containers online. These websites also instruct you on the best use of each type of container. There is no safer way of storing food at home and if you apply yourself properly, there is no reason to make a mistake.

Large Stationery Box

30 Sep

Cool box!

Habi Bags

Height 15cm, length 36cm, and width 36cm.



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Mini-Project – Home Office Storage

30 Sep

Some great storage ideas here

housewife hacked

Well this is awkward. It’s been so long since I tackled a project (publicly) that I am almost too embarrassed to start again. So here is a small show and tell of my study storage solutions from the last couple of months

Because our walls have no studs, or very few (we are pretty sure it only stays up on the collective will of everyone who lives here) I mounted my rail to the underside of my ikea ribba picture ledge. Two holes in the wall instead of 6 🙂

I’ve also had a few bits and pieces made up for around the house, like our his and hers mouse pads. (Michaels says “and I’m a PC”) as well as my favourite, our “baby up in this bitch” car decal – sadly not pictured

And lastly I’ve found a cheap non permanent solution to store (some) of my parasols. Now…

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