Mini-Project – Home Office Storage

30 Sep

Some great storage ideas here

housewife hacked

Well this is awkward. It’s been so long since I tackled a project (publicly) that I am almost too embarrassed to start again. So here is a small show and tell of my study storage solutions from the last couple of months

Because our walls have no studs, or very few (we are pretty sure it only stays up on the collective will of everyone who lives here) I mounted my rail to the underside of my ikea ribba picture ledge. Two holes in the wall instead of 6 🙂

I’ve also had a few bits and pieces made up for around the house, like our his and hers mouse pads. (Michaels says “and I’m a PC”) as well as my favourite, our “baby up in this bitch” car decal – sadly not pictured

And lastly I’ve found a cheap non permanent solution to store (some) of my parasols. Now…

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