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Deconstruct Bathroom Closet to Create Space

4 Mar

We recently added a lot of storage in a bathroom. Actually, we redesigned a bathroom closet so that it was open to the bathroom. Opening a full-sized door in a small bathroom really made the room feel cramped. So, off it came.

The was a fully enclosed closet with a nice door. Unfortunately, it felt small, dark and made the room awkward when both the bathroom door and the closet door were open. Tearing out the closet front was more work that we originally planned. Obviously, the door just came right off and the door jambs also came out easily. It was the header above the door and all the places that connected to the existing walls and ceiling that took time and created a large mess.

Once everything was deconstructed it was time to repair any drywall damage and then paint the new opening. The room feels a lot more open since the entire closet from the floor to the ceiling is gone. We installed wire shelving purchased from home depot. Now, we have easy access to towels and other bathroom supplies and the room looks and feels more open.

We bought a 12 oz plastic alpha container from our friends at Container and Packaging to store cotton balls in a nice way as well as picked up a few plastic tubs. These tubs now hold strange and sundry items on the top shelf – which didn’t exist before you we actually increased our storage space by removing the closet.