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Storing Rice

15 Oct

Several years ago we bought an electric can sealer. It can handle many different sizes, but we bought it to store food in #10 cans. We went with an electric model because we were starting out with nearly 1000 pounds of rice and had other items such as oats, red beads, wheat, flour and sugar. With so much to seal and store we figured we would be much happier with the electric can sealer. It was a good decision. can-sealer

Ours looks very similar to the one in the picture. I will take my own pic soon. We just opened some of the rice to see how it’s  doing after 3 years. It was perfect.

Food storage is also a great way to save money. Sometimes grocery stores have those sales where the food is super cheap, but you can only keep so much at home before it goes bad. If you are able to store your food you can buy enough of a specific food to last you many years – and store it safely.  Even a simple mason jar will allow you to hold rice or sugar for much longer than the bag it comes with. We buy many of our containers from a local company – Container & Packaging.